May 3, 2009


Today money is our life. Because, we can’t do anything without money. It is not easy to earn money. But, it is very easy to spend it. Our parents strive to earn money. Acctually they earn money for us. But some children don’t know the difficulty earning money. Don’t waste the parent’s hard earned money unnecessarily. One day   you will understand the difficulty it.

We know today society can do anything with money. But we must not surrender the rich people. I think we should improve our knowledge. We can earn money by using our knowledge. You understand that the knowledge is more important than money. This is the time to improve our knowledge. Knowledge is power and knowledge is money


My country

March 15, 2009

My Country

My Country is Sri Lanka. It is a small and very beautiful country. It has very long history. My country is situated in the Indion Ocean. My country is called ‘the pearl of the Indion Ocean.

The capital of my country is Sri Jayawardana Pura Kotte. The business capital is Colombo. President of the sri lanka Mr. Mahinda rajapaksa. There are nine provinces and twenty five districts in our country. There are many beautiful and sacred places in my country. There are rivers, tanks, water falls, flower gardens, and forests in my country.

Sri Lanka is an agricultural country. There fore majority of sri lankans are farmers. There are almost 20 million people in our country. Our country’s people are very friendly. They work hard. Farmers cultivate faddy, vegetables, and fruits. We expote tea, rabber and coconuts.    



March 15, 2009


There is a war in our country. It is about 25 years for this war. Actually we know war is very dangerous. We know that the L.T.T.E organization is leader is waging the war. He is Prabakaran. He is a terrorist. He recruits the child soldier for their organization. He destroys children’s rights. Is he a leader?

They are fighting for a separate state. It is dream for them. Our soldiers’ sacrifice their lives for our mother land. It is doom of man. There are many lives lost due to this war. This is the reality of war. Terrorists are limited to a small part of the north. But they explode bombs in every place in our country. Innocent peoples die. As the Buddhists we can’t approve this. So, we wish peace for this small island.


My Village

January 31, 2009

My Village is Mahavilachchiya. It has very long history. It is very beautiful. Mahavilachchiya situated in Anuradapura district.

There are 800 families in our village. They are work hard. Our village peoples are very friendly. Many of the peoples are farmers.

Mahavilachchiya has a big tank. It is Mahavilachchciya wewa.It is built by king Wasabha and there are many smaller tanks in Mahavilachchiya.

There are many schools in our village. There are post offices, a police station, faddy fields, temple and hospital in our village. I love my village and we protect our village.


ගුරු මව්නි, පියවරුනි, … …

January 25, 2009

වනයේ පිපි මල් වනයේම පර නොවන්නට
ඒ මල් වලට දසත සුවඳ පතුරන්නට
මංපෙත හෙළි කළේ
නුඹයි ……

හෝඩියේ සිට සරසවිය
තෙක් පියමනින්නට
යථාර්ථවාදීව සිතන්නට
මං කියා දුන්නේ නුඹයි …..

කුසින් බිහි නොකළද
රතු ලේ කිරට හරවා
මවක් සේ ආදරය කලේ නුඹයි
ගුරු මව්නි

දහඩිය වගුරවා ජීවත් නොකලද
පියෙක් ලෙස සෙනෙහෙ බරව
ශිල්පය දුන්නෙ නුඹයි
ගුරු පියාණනි

අඳුර පසුකර හෙට දින
ආලොකය දකින්නට
දිරිය දුන්නේ ඔබය්
ගුරු මව්නි, පියවරුනි


About me….

January 25, 2009

I am Charka Madusanthi Disanayaka. I am nineteen years old. I live in Mahavilachchiya . My school Thaksila maha vidyalaya

I have one brother and one sister. My sister’ s name is Ayesha jeewani. She is married. My brother’ s name is Nalinda Chamara. He is a Policeman. My brother and sister are very kind. They help my studies.

My father’ s name is Mr. Disanayaka. He is a farmer. My mother’ s name is Mrs. Siriyalata. She is a housewife.

I did A\L examination in 2008. My results are three A s and My distric rank is forty seven. I want to go to the university. I do computer course these days at Horizon Lanka. I also learn English there. My favorite subject is political science. I want to be a civil servent


Hello world!

January 25, 2009

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